If you are doing Content Marketing, you’ll agree, you are creating Content for People, who you may haven’t reached with only valueable Content around your Product or Service.

Content Marketing is for catching People with a great Content and lead or funnel them step by step to your Product or Service. But wait! This is absolutely the Definition of a Doorway Page.

Let me be a bit more concrete

Google’s Definition of a Doorway Page

Doorways are sites or pages created to rank highly for specific search queries. Pages generated to funnel visitors into the actual usable or relevant portion of your site. Google

How to escape?

Searchenginejournal is telling us to create Content only is interesting to readers and that will provide real value. But in my Eyes, this is not enough.

The Real Meat of Content Creation
Diversity in and of itself won’t produce content muscle, but it may get you in a state of mind to start coming up with topics and content matter that are much more interesting to readers and that will provide real value.Searchenginejournal


If you are selling IT-stuff, you are still able to create Content which is interesting to Readers and that will provide real Value about Fashion. But who wants to jump from your great general Fashion content to IT-stuff. Nobody. Simple, that People who are caring about Fashion, generally don’t care about IT-stuff. Google knows that. At least if your site ‘ll get manually controlled.

The only way to escape and to create a link between Fashion and IT-stuff is having Content, which is about IT-Geeks and them most fashioned Style.


The Trick is not having just valueable Content, but having valueable Content for your true Audience / target Group. Otherway, Content Marketing causes a lot of Doorway Pages Google don’t like

Image by Viktor Dite